Tips For Choosing the Best Web Conferencing Vendor

Organizations that require web conferencing solutions have various different options they can select from. As each enterprise has specific needs and uses for web conferencing, it is vital to ensure that the vendor chosen is able to tailor their products accordingly. Prior to making a decision, organizations should take the time to assess various different vendors in order to ensure that the one selected is capable of servicing all needs.

Due to the growing demand for web conferencing solutions, multiple vendors have come forth and as such, the entry barrier for low-end services has expanded, leaving enterprises vulnerable to selecting ineffective products and systems.

On the other end of the spectrum, vendors that have stood the test of time are continually developing and improving their services and as a result, are easily recognizable from the low-grade and inferior web-conferencing solutions.

When looking to purchase a web conferencing solution, it is important to assess the following:

-Video Quality – does the product support high quality video?

-Branded Service – is it possible to create unique URLs?

-Participation – Are there e-learning functions available that allow for audience inclusion? Can participants be polled with quizzes and surveys?

-Mobility – Is the product supported on widely used mobile devices such as Blackberry, iOS, Android?

-Whiteboard – Is a whiteboard available for sharing content amongst participants?

-Integration Capabilities – Does it fully integrate with popular Learning Management Systems such as Blackboard Learn, Moodle, and Desire2Learn? Can it fully integrate with telephony providers (MeetingOne, PGI, Intercall)

These are some of the main features that should be looked for when in the market for a web conferencing solution. The goal is to find a system that is easy for the end user and can be integrated with minimal disruption and as seamlessly as possible.

Adobe Connect has remained at the top of the market and continues to do so by offering all of the above services. Adobe Connect is a highly effective tool for conducting webinars, video conferencing, offering support and maintaining both internal and external communications. This vendor is the number one choice of many highly established organizations and reputable universities.

For more questions on Adobe Connect and how this product can be custom-tailored to the precise needs of your organization, contact Advantage Connect Pro today.

Valerie Stachurski – Social Media Coordinator