Configuring and Importing Certificate for LDAPS (Connect 6x, 7x, 7.5)

1. Obtain a Certificate Authority (CA) certificate that was used to sign the certificate for the LDAP server. Assume the name is ca_cert_file.pem for this example. 2. Open a command prompt. 3. Type the following: cd c:breezeappservwin32jrelibsecurity 4. Type the following command to import the CA certificate into the keystore of Connect’s JVM. keytool -import[…]

LDAP exclude filter

Here is a query I regularly use when trying to exclude certain types of objects. Below will grab all users (&(cn=*) except the ones that are associated with the Corporate Accounting department (!(department=Corporate Accounting))) completed filter; (&(cn=*)(!(department=Corporate Accounting)))

Breaking down LDAP filters alphabetically

After fooling around with LDAP for two weeks and still experiencing missing users, I decided to break down the users alphabetically in to three groups to fix the issue.  Here are the filters i used successfully; Filter 1; OU=users,DC=adobe,DC=com (&(objectclass=organizationalPerson)(sAMAccountName>=a)(sAMAccountName<=h*)) Filter 2; OU=users,DC=adobe,DC=com (&(objectclass=organizationalPerson)(sAMAccountName>=h)(sAMAccountName<=q*)) Filter 3; OU=users,DC=adobe,DC=com (&(objectclass=organizationalPerson)(sAMAccountName>=q)(sAMAccountName<=z*))