Free OnDemand Training From Adobe Connect

In addition to being one of the top web conferencing solutions available for businesses and learning institutions, Adobe Connect is now offering FREE OnDemand Training in order to enhance user experience and ensure customers are getting the most out of the product. There are three segments that customers and prospects can take advantage of in[…]

Benefits of Advanced Telephony Intergration

As more and more businesses are integrating web conferencing tools into their everyday practices, it’s important that business owners take the time to understand the benefits of using a superior solution over those that can fall short in certain areas. These areas include real-world functionality, streamlined integration into your existing software and reliable, high-quality audio.[…]

Adobe Connect Add-In Support | Mac OS X Lion

For those using Lion operating systems (10.7.2), a new Mac OS Adobe Connect Add-In is available. While the Add-in is not required to participate in an Adobe Connect Meeting Room, it does offer many desirable and additional features that are available only to meeting hosts and presenters. These features include sharing screens and enhanced audio[…]

Adobe Connect Mobile

Earlier this year, Adobe Connect Mobile version 1.7.5 made it possible for users to take their online meetings anywhere using Android and the Playbook. In an exciting new development, it is now possible for Apple users to take advantage of this incredible opportunity through the use of Adobe Connect’s newest Mobile version, available for both[…]

Using Adobe Connect as a Corporate Tool

There are various different software programs that can enhance your corporation’s ability to communicate effectively, its training strategies and cut costs on travel. While Adobe Connect is widely used as a learning management system (LMS) in numerous universities and colleges, this software offers an excellent way for businesses and corporations to enhance their training and[…]

Adobe Connect as a Learning Management System

More and more people are taking advantage of long distance learning offered by reputable universities across North America. The easier it is for universities to correspond with long-distance learners, the more students are attracted to this new convenient way of earning a degree. The integration of Learning Management Systems to help students and professors communicate[…]

Tips For Choosing the Best Web Conferencing Vendor

Organizations that require web conferencing solutions have various different options they can select from. As each enterprise has specific needs and uses for web conferencing, it is vital to ensure that the vendor chosen is able to tailor their products accordingly. Prior to making a decision, organizations should take the time to assess various different[…]

The Adobe Connect Advantage

There are multiple benefits associated with video and web-conferencing. Like all web-based applications, it is possible to greatly increase productivity and enhance efficiency by enabling face-to-face video conferencing services regardless of physical location. Travel costs are significantly reduced, thereby improving profitability. Other advantages include having the resources to expand client bases, maintain long-distance professional relationships,[…]