About us

Who We Are

InvataCloud Inc (formerly Advantage Connect Pro) is located in the capital of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario and is an official Adobe Solutions Provider as well as a partner with Microsoft, Desire2Learn and Blackboard. The InvataCloud team is comprised of a strong team devoted to managing our hosted environments around the clock, as well as a knowledgeable sales department that can offer personalized assistance with your infrastructure in order to build the best possible setup for your Adobe Connect server.

Our Partners and Staff

With an exclusive partnership with Microsoft Azure, InvataCloud prides itself on being on the cutting edge of server hardware and integrating the latest and best servers on the market provided by top companies.

Our existing team includes previous members of the Adobe Connect TRT team, which provided tier 3 level support and a gateway into the Adobe engineering team. We also have a former “Adobe Developer Technologies” member who provides all of our custom reporting needs that may not be available out of the box from Adobe Connect. Our staff also consists of a member with over 5 years of experience in producing Adobe Connect Events and provides our best practices guide to ensure all customer meetings run smoothly, as well as eliminating any unexpected issues.

Our Story

Why InvataCloud? Our company was started after leaving Adobe and receiving many requests from previous clients who were looking for our services. As a group, we love the Connect product and our company is based strictly around Adobe services. Our dedication to the Adobe brand, as well as our partners with advanced technical capabilities have allowed us to provide seamless and devoted service to all of our clientele.

We all love the Connect product, and our company is strictly based around Adobe. We provide managed hosting solutions as well as sales or licensing needs that come up for our clientele.

For more information on how InvataCloud can assist you, please contact info@invatacloud.com